How Are Chickens Raised for Eggs?

How Are Chickens Raised for Eggs?

Chickens need a coop, food, water and a good caregiver in order to lay eggs. Healthy chickens will lay eggs the majority of the year.

Farming eggs can save a lot of money and the eggs from chicken coops will also be fresher than store-bought. With a little time and effort, buying eggs at the grocery store will be a thing of the past.

The first thing chickens need is a coop. The coop should be well insulated and kept clean. The size of the coop depends on how many chickens are being raised. Chickens like company, so there should be a few in each coop. Fresh food and water should always be available.

Nesting boxes should also be in place for the laying hens. They should have clean hay and be large enough to accommodate a few eggs. The coop must be cleaned regularly. The egg farmer should be prepared to go out and shovel manure every few days.

The hens will lay eggs through the summer, spring and fall. They should be collected frequently, so the nests do not become overcrowded. If the owner has to leave for a few days, he or she should find a trustworthy person who has handled chickens before to look after the coop.