How Is a Chicken Coop Built?

How Is a Chicken Coop Built?

A chicken coop is built using a frame and chicken wire. Plans can be purchased to help make the process easier.

Chicken coops range in shapes and sizes depending on what the final goal is. If it is just used for having eggs for one family, it does not need to be as big as a coop used for a business.

Step 1: Create a plan

Determine how large of a coop is needed. Figure out where it will be placed and how many chickens it will house.

Step 2: Protect the chickens

Chicken wire will prevent unwanted animals from reaching the birds. The outside should be covered so that the chickens cannot get out and animals cannot get in. The coop should be insulated to protect the chickens from the weather.

Step 3: Make a welcoming environment

Add both a perching and nesting area. Chickens prefer to sleep off of the ground so a comfortable ledge is best for them. The nest should be large enough to hold a few eggs unless they will be emptied daily.

Step 4: Add an access door

The caretaker of the coop needs a way to enter the coop in order to be able to retrieve the eggs and clean.