What Are Some Facts About Chickadees?


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Chickadees are small, lively North American birds that travel in pairs or small flocks. Their heads and throats are usually darker than the rest of their bodies.

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Seven classifications of chickadees exist. Mexican chickadees reside in Arizona, New Mexico and west and central Mexico, while Mountain chickadees are found throughout the Western United States. Black-capped chickadees congregate in the northern part of the United States, Chestnut chickadees are generally sighted in the Pacific Northwest, and Carolina chickadee are usually spotted in the southeast. Boreal chickadees live in the U.S. Rocky Mountain region and parts of Canada, and the Grey-headed chickadee is found in Alaska.

Chickadees mainly eat insects, yet also dine on sunflower, birch, walnut, pine and ragweed seeds. They also eat blueberries, serviceberries and bayberries. Chickadees enjoy suet, a man-made mixture of lard or bacon drippings, wheat flour, peanut butter and cornmeal, that many bird watchers create to attract the birds to their backyard gardens.

Bird enthusiasts wanting to attract chickadees must install shallow bird baths in their backyards to ensure that the birds do not drown during their baths. Chickadees also need tree-, wall- or pole-mounted bird houses that are 4 to 5 inches in diameter and have a 1 1/8-inch entrance/exit opening.

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