Where Do Cheetahs Live in Africa?

The cheetah lives in preserves in southern and eastern Africa, and in parts of Algeria, Niger and Iran. Its habitat consists primarily of grasslands and savannas, where it can easily chase its prey.

The cheetah thrives in grasslands because this habitat provides it with plenty of prey and the space to run that prey down. It is the fastest land animal, reaching up to 60 mph in just a few seconds. Not only does it reach extraordinary speeds when in pursuit of food, but it has flexible limbs that enable it to turn quickly during the chase. It has an inordinately large heart, lungs and nostril. These organs enable the cat to take in a great deal of oxygen to help it reach maximum speeds. The cheetah's spots and eyesight are other factors that help it to thrive in its habitat. Keen eyesight allows it to find prey, while its spots help it to blend into the grass as it stalks that prey.

Despite its adaptations, the cheetah's home in Africa is starting to disappear due to humans settling in its habitat. Furthermore, 90 percent of cheetah cubs do not live to adulthood, and are killed by predators and poachers.