What Is a Cheetah Population Decline Graph?


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A cheetah population decline graph is a graphical illustration showing the rate of cheetah population reducing in numbers. The graph displays the population in numbers on one side and a time reference on the other, generally in a year time interval.

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Cheetahs are a species fighting extinction. The population of cheetahs was 100,000 in 1900. Any graph showing the population would show a decline because the population in 2014 is down to 10,000. The cheetah is extinct in over twenty countries. The specie originally ranged across the entire span of the African continent, with the exception of the Congo Basin.

The graph of the population decline shows a downward curve because the population of cheetahs are in fact declining. There are multiple reasons to explain why the population of cheetahs is decreasing. This includes the increase in human population and decreasing the space available for cheetahs. Their natural wildlife is decreasing, making it harder for the population to grow. Another cause for the decline is disease. Feline diseases that can directly attribute to the decrease include Feline Herpes Virus, Feline Calici Virus, and Feline Corona Virus, Caniine Distemper Virus. Other factors that contribute to the decline in population include drought depleting the needed food for cheetahs and an increase in the hunting of cheetahs.

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