How Do You Check for Lice?


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To check for head lice, part the hair to check the scalp for scabbing or sores, look for moving lice, and look for nits. Next, saturate the hair with conditioner, and comb through it with a specially designed nit comb. You need a nit comb, a regular comb, conditioner and masking tape.

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  1. Search the scalp

    If you suspect lice on your child's head, part the hair, and examine the scalp and dry hair closely. Lice like to hide in the hair and aren't always easy to spot. Look for signs of scabbing or sores to indicate where lice have been biting. Use a bright light aimed directly at the scalp, and part the hair repeatedly to check different sections of the head.

  2. Look for lice and nits

    As you comb through the dry hair, look for signs of movement. Follow up any sign of movement to try to catch a louse. Pinch the louse between your fingers if possible. Set any louse you find on the sticky side of a piece of masking tape so it can't get away and reinfest someone else. Examine the base of the hairs for the lice eggs, known as nits, which appear as tiny yellow or white grains of sand.

  3. Comb through wet hair

    Wet the hair down, and slather it with conditioner. Separate the hair into sections, then comb through the hair a few hairs at a time using a nit comb, which is a metal comb with extremely small teeth. The nit comb should pull out any lice and nits, which get caught in the conditioner and can't run away as easily.

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