What Are Some Cheap Ways to Adopt English Bulldogs?


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A good and affordable way to adopt an English bulldog is through a rescue center or shelter; they are usually not for profit and only charge a minimal fee for veterinary resources and animal care. Good shelters fully examine the bulldogs for health issues, vaccinate them and spay or neuter them before putting them up for adoption. Alternatively, keeping an eye out for local classifieds and ASPCA listings can sometimes turn up individuals looking for homes for their puppies.

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For the least expensive option, search on online classifieds such as Craigslist.org or Kijiji.ca, or check newspaper ads and bulletin boards for puppies looking for homes. These dogs are usually free, but it may take time before the desired breed is available.

Breeders also often have English bulldogs available, although the cost is greater than adopting from a shelter or from an individual. If adopting from a breeder, however, it's important to make sure it is a reputable business that is able to provide the dog's pedigrees and vaccination certifications. This can help avoid significant vet bills and an unhappy dog in the future. Breeders endorsed by the American Kennel Club or recommended by a vet can be good sources.

When adopting a bulldog, visiting the kennel or home where the bulldog currently lives and assessing the environment can help determine the quality of the breeder. It should be clean, hygienic and odor-free. The dogs should be active and happy with lots of room to move around. They should appear comfortable around both the breeder and strangers, as this indicates they have been well-socialized.

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