How Do You Find Cheap Goats for Sale?


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Look for inexpensive goats at local livestock auctions, on online classified advertising websites or in the agriculture section of the local newspaper classified advertising section. Contact goat farmers or breeders to ask about inexpensive goats they may have for sale.

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The cheapest goats are often available at livestock auctions. Sellers take their unwanted livestock animals to sell to the highest bidder. Animals who have little value to meat or dairy producers sometimes sell very inexpensively. One disadvantage of buying a goat from a livestock auction is that there is no opportunity to speak with the goat's original owner. The goat's previous health and behavior history are a mystery as is the reason the owner is selling it.

Check online classified advertising websites, such as Craigslist.org, for cheap or free goats. In rural areas, check the classified section of the local newspaper for livestock or pet goat listings. In both cases, ask the seller whether or not the goat has been castrated, dehorned or vaccinated, and ask about any past health or behavior problems. Buyers intending to breed goats should ask if the doe has had previous pregnancies and how they went.

Goats are herd animals who do poorly when housed alone. It is best to start with a small herd of at least two to three animals.

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