How Do You Find Cheap Dogs to Adopt?


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To find cheap dogs to adopt, visit your city shelter or ASPCA.org to find dogs in your local shelters, which are always cheap and sometimes free. Call these shelters to inquire if they lower the adoption price on specific days. For most cases, there is a small adoption fee that covers vaccinations, spays and neuters, operating expenses and other veterinary expenses. Spays and neuters and shots can cost upward of $1,000, so the adoption fee is a good investment.

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As an alternative, find a local rescue group, which may rescue specific breeds, old dogs or other dogs in need. Although adoption rates at rescue groups range from $100 to $400, they often rescue dogs that were going to be euthanized at animal shelters. The downside to adopting a dog from rescue groups is that the temperament of the dogs often varies, even though rescue group volunteers take a lot of time to train and rehabilitate their dogs.

Pet shops are another alternative to find cheap dogs for adoption. However, many pet stores source their dogs from puppy mills that often mistreat their dogs by underfeeding them and keeping them in small spaces. Other issues with adopting dogs from pet stores include lack of vaccinations, mistreatment of dogs in the stores and the spread of illnesses that lead to future veterinary expenses. To avoid some of these issues, visit pet shops that partner with animal shelters.

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