What Is a Chausie Cat?


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A Chausie cat is a breed of domestic cat descended from hybridization between the wild jungle cat, Felis chaus, and the familiar domestic feline. Reports of hybrids of jungle and domestic cats in the wild date back centuries, but the first recorded deliberate breeding of the two occurred in 1990.

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As with many hybrids, first-generation Chausie males were sterile, but pairings between fully fertile hybrid females and normal domestic purebreds produced a viable breed. The International Cat Association has recognized Chausies as a breed since May 2013, but they remain unrecognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association and cannot be displayed in its cat shows.

Chausies are larger than other domestic cats and retain the tall, athletic appearance of their jungle cat progenitors. The breed has three color patterns, the most notable being a grizzled coat inherited from the jungle cat side of its family tree. Some Chausies also possess ear tufts, another sign of their wild ancestry; however, Chausies are fully tame and have affectionate, good-natured personalities.

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