What Are Some Characteristics of Yorkiepoo Puppies?


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Yorkiepoo puppies are energetic, loving, gentle and friendly with other dogs. They require a considerable amount of attention. Leaving a Yorkiepoo puppy by itself for considerable amounts of time may cause separation anxiety, since these puppies are companion dogs.

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Yorkiepoo puppies are a mixture of Yorkshire terriers and miniature poodles. Many of these puppies are first-generation, though some are a mixture of Yorkiepoo-Yorkshire terrier breeding, Yorkiepoo-poodle breeding or Yorkiepoo-Yorkiepoo breeding. Thanks to these mixtures, many of the characteristics that are present in both types of dogs also are present in Yorkiepoos. Because these puppies are so energetic, a walk in the park or around the neighborhood on a regular basis is a good idea.

Yorkiepoos are notorious barkers, especially when someone comes to the door. These dogs can be trained to bark less, but expect quite a bit of barking while the dog is still a puppy.

Because these dogs are gentle and affectionate, the puppies often make good companions to seniors or older children, thought it is recommended that they not live in homes with very young children. Yorkiepoos do best when the person with whom they live has ample time to spend with them. A Yorkiepoo puppy can be stubborn at times but generally is easy to train.

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