What Are the Characteristics of a Wolf-Fox Hybrid?

A hybrid animal between wolves and foxes is impossible because of the number of chromosomes in each creature. The wolf, coyote, jackal and domestic dog all have 78 chromosomes in 39 pairs. The red fox has 38 chromosomes and the Fennec fox has 64 chromosomes, making a wolf-fox hybrid impossible. However, hybrids are possible among the canines with 78 chromosomes.

There is a fictional hybrid of a wolf and fox called a folf, a creature that has anthropomorphic properties. A "pholph" refers to Ryan DeWalt's fictional persona known as Tet Solfire. Other fictionalized terms for a wolf-fox hybrid include wolx, fwox, wox and wolfox.

Hybrids between foxes and other canines are rare. Even though the two species intermingle regularly, a fox and domestic dog hybrid has yet to be confirmed or documented by modern science. One account from 1886 in Germany claims a captive fox mated with a domestic dog. Wilhelm Niemeyer of the Hanover Zoological Gardens states the captive fox copulated with a female dog kept in the same cage. The dog had four puppies, one of which was stillborn and the other three died within a few days. The puppies had a dark gray color, much like their mother.