What Are Some Characteristics of a Westshire Terrier?


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The characteristics of Westshire terriers include their friendly natures and strong wills. Spunky and affectionate, Westershire terriers are great family dogs since they love people and are very loyal. Their small size makes them great companions for all kinds of activities, and they excel in agility and obedience competitions.

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What Are Some Characteristics of a Westshire Terrier?
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The Westshire terrier, also known as the West Highland white terrier or Westie, is a small, white, sturdily built dog. The Westie is related to the Scottish terrier and was bred to hunt rodents. Westies also have a strong prey drive, which means most Westies do not do well in homes with small animals, such as rabbits or guinea pigs.

A fully grown Westie can reach a height of 10 to 11 inches at the shoulder. The Westie has an appearance similar to the Scottish terrier, with a broad face and small, erect ears. The Westie coat requires special care to keep clean and free of tangles.

Westies are prone to health problems that include atopic dermatitis, dry eye, inflammatory bowel disease, lymphoma and juvenile cataracts. Most Westies have a normal life span of 15 to 20 years, but they need to see a veterinarian regularly to screen for potential health issues.

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