What Are Some Characteristics of Treeing Walkers?

The characteristics of Treeing Walker Coonhounds vary by each dog though the American Kennel Association lists courteousness, smartness and bravery as some of the traits of the breed. A descendant of the English and American Foxhounds, the Treeing Walker is intrinsically alert, intelligent and has a hot nose for exploring and finding things. They are also good companions and get along with children and other dogs.

Treeing Walkers look like oversized beagles due to their build and classic tricolor coat of black, brown and white. They are also from the hound family, though the Treeing Walkers are descendants of English and American Foxhounds, while beagles are developed from several breeds, such as Talbot Hound and Southern Hound. Treeing Walkers have powerful shoulders, larger ears than their heads and long, straight and lean forelegs.

As a hound, a Treeing Walker loves to explore and requires ample physical exercise to tone down its energy. It learns fast with consistent training and thrives on ample attention from its master. Its speed, agility, good coonhound and treeing abilities, and distinctive howl make it an excellent hunting companion.

Treeing Walkers make good and loyal pets. They are rambunctious when young, like most puppies, even around toddlers. They may get along with other dogs, but their hunting instincts may prevail against other smaller animals, such as cats, mice and rabbits. Proper socialization and supervision of Treeing Walkers with children and other animals is necessary while they are young.