What Are Some Characteristics of Thai Roosters?


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The Thai game fowl, also called Thai rooster, is a breed of domesticated fowl that is average in size and build yet is notably fast compared to other breeds of fowl. Thai game fowl are some of the quickest and most athletic of all oriental game breeds. The Thai rooster stands particularly upright, with its tail almost 45 degrees to the position of the body, and the color of its eyes is usually light blue, pearl, yellow or orange.

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The birds of this breed typically have peacombs, but some Thai game fowl have single combs or other comb styles. A full-size Thai rooster usually weighs between 6.5 and 8.5 pounds. Many Thai game fowl lineages have traits like feathered feet, in which the birds have feathers growing out from between the scales of their feet, along with plumage that can resemble a hen's plumage.

The Thai game fowl breed has many different colors and plumage patterns, including spangles, black, gold, white, gray, brown and blue. In their native Thailand, Thai game fowl are found on most Thai rural farms, where they commonly live as either semi-feral or free-range birds. The two most prominent variants of Thai game fowl are the Pradu Hang Dam, which means dark, black tail; and Leung Hang Khao, which means yellow, white tail.

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