What Are Some Characteristics of a Spotted Great Dane?


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Great Danes with spots are known as Harlequin Great Danes. They are very large but have a gentle personality. They will not be disobedient or aggressive as long as the owner makes it clear that he is dominant in the house over the dog, in which case they are commonly trustworthy and very affectionate.

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What Are Some Characteristics of a Spotted Great Dane?
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There is a large variety of colors within the Great Dane breed, including black, blue, brindle, fawn and mantle. Fawn is tan with a black mask, brindle is tan with black stripes, and mantle is a combination of black and white across the body, most commonly black with a white chest and face. Harlequin can apply to any of these colors, such as a white Great Dane with fawn or blue dots. They have a long history, appearing in ancient Egyptian monuments and described in ancient Chinese texts.

There are many considerations that must be made before committing to a dog of this size. Great Danes need big houses to live in because they will accidentally knock things over very easily, and their owners must have a big vehicle to transport them. Also, everything about owning a Great Dane is more expensive than other breeds, such as medical care and the amount of food they will eat.

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