What Are the Characteristics of Spiders Native to Colorado?


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Identifying spiders in Colorado will vary by species; for example, Colorado State University says that the poisonous brown recluse has three pairs of eyes, whereas most species in the state have four pairs. Getting close enough to the brown recluse to see its eyes is not advisable, though, because it is poisonous. Instead, it can be identified by its brown color, its thin and uniformly colored legs, the "violin pattern" in darker brown on its head and upper body and the silky appearance of the spider's hairs.

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In addition to the brown recluse, other spider species include the funnel weaver spider, which can be easily identified by its trademark funnel-shaped web and striped legs. Another Colorado spider that can be identified by traits associated with its name is the jumping spider, which can jump many times its own body length. This spider is also typically brightly colored and may have bands of color on its legs.

Bright colors are not necessarily a sign of danger in Colorado's spiders. For example, the banded garden spider is a harmless species that is characterized by bands of bright colors and a highly symmetrical web. However, black widows are an issue in Colorado. The female of this poisonous species has a trademark red hourglass shape on its back, with an otherwise black body.

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