What Are Some Characteristics of Pug Dogs?


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Pugs are recognizable by their short statures, wrinkly faces and coats that are typically silver, apricot-fawn or black. Pugs also have a tail that is set high and curls. A double curl is generally preferable.

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Due to their short faces, pugs have unique health concerns of which owners should remain aware. Pugs need to be kept inside an air-conditioned home as much as possible during hot and humid weather, as they lack the ability to pant effectively to cool themselves down. Their short faces also cause pugs to snort, sneeze, snore and slobber more than dog breeds with longer faces.

Most pugs crave attention and the company of people. They enjoy the sound of human laughter and are known to perform antics to produce it. As such, they are commonly labeled the "class clowns" of the dog world. Pugs are easy to train and get along well with other pets. However, they do not enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. They were originally bred as companion dogs, so they bond quickly with owners. Their moods are highest in the presence of their families. Since pugs are a relatively inactive breed, they fare well in an apartment setting.

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