What Are the Characteristics of a Pregnant Bearded Dragon?

The first characteristic sign that suggests a bearded dragon is pregnant is an increase in appetite. About two to three weeks later, the developing eggs become visible in the female’s belly. Roughly marble-sized, these eggs grow slightly over the course of the pregnancy. The final sign occurs when the female begins scratching or digging in the substrate, which occurs in the final week.

Once the female begins digging to find a suitable place to deposit her eggs, it is crucial to provide her with a place to do so. Provide her with a small plastic container, half-filled with slightly damp vermiculite or potting soil. When it is time to deposit the eggs, the female digs a hole, deposits the eggs and then covers the hole with soil. Most keepers dig the eggs up and incubate them in an artificial egg chamber.

Be sure to feed a gravid female well to help reduce the chances that she becomes egg bound. Additionally, it is important to use a calcium supplement while her body is producing calcium-rich eggshells. If a bearded dragon appears unable to deposit all of her eggs, she must be taken to a veterinarian immediately to prevent complications.

The term “gravid” is often used to describe a bearded dragon that contains developing eggs, rather than "pregnant."