What Are Some Characteristics of Predatory Wasps?


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Characteristics of predatory wasps typically include bold coloring and prominent mandibles. The wasp drinks the bodily fluid of its prey and may be social or solitary, with those that are social more likely to attack if disturbed. Solitary wasps, although intimidating in appearance, do not sting unless severely threatened.

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What Are Some Characteristics of Predatory Wasps?
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Social predatory wasps live in groups with a breeding queen. They construct their nests using plant fibers and feed their young pre-chewed insects. Most species of wasp are entirely solitary, although some live in communal nests where each female is responsible for her own offspring. Predatory solitary wasps usually sting and paralyze their prey before laying eggs either on the prey or in its vicinity. Upon hatching, the wasp larvae feed on the subdued prey.

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