What Are Some Characteristics of Miniature Pinschers?


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Miniature Pinschers have a smooth coat that is short and hard, and they are generally very athletic. They appear alert and possess a high stepping gait, and their temperament is very playful, bold, busy, curious and impatient, according to petMD.

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What Are Some Characteristics of Miniature Pinschers?
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Miniature Pinschers are similar to Terrier breeds in that they are very independent and headstrong. They can be stubborn and difficult to train, but they are very intelligent and learn quickly.

Many people incorrectly assume that Miniature Pinschers are miniature versions of Doberman Pinschers, but this is untrue. Miniature Pinschers may actually be older than the Doberman Pinscher. It is believed that Miniature Pinschers descended from cross breeding between the German Pinscher, Italian Greyhound and Dachshund. They may have obtained their black and tan coloring from the German Pinscher, their body shape from the Italian Greyhound and their occasional red coloring from the Dachshund.

Miniature Pinschers are very self possessed and have a lot of vitality. They usually live to be between 12 and 14 years of age. They are prone to health complications such as Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) type VI, progressive retinal atrophy and heart defects. petMD advises owners concerned with possible health irregularities to visit a veterinarian to perform knee, eye and hip tests for the dog and DNA testing to confirm or deny the presence of MPS.

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