What Are Characteristics of a Miniature Chocolate Labradoodle?


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A miniature chocolate labradoodle weighs between 2 and 9 pounds and is a dark brown color. Because this dog is a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever, its coat can vary between curly, wavy, wiry, woolly or fleece. A wool coat has tight curls and a fleece coat is soft and wavy.

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A labradoodle is characterized by its calm, friendly temperament, which makes it a great family pet. This dog is also known for being both intelligent and trainable, but because the labradoodle is a hybrid, the specific characteristics and traits vary from dog to dog. For instance, some labradoodles shed, although to a lesser extent than a Labrador. A labradoodle needs to be brushed regularly and have its coat trimmed biannually.

The name labradoodle was coined in 1955, although the hybrid breed did not come into prominence until 30 years later. The labradoodle was created with the intention of being a good dog for those who are both blind and allergic to pet dander. It has grown in popularity but is not officially recognized as a breed as of 2014. While some breeders breed labradoodle with labradoodle, others prefer to breed poodle with Labrador to keep the gene pool diverse.

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