What Are Some Characteristics of a Mastiff and St. Bernard Mix?

Saint Bernard/mastiff mixes, also called Saint Bermastiffs, are gentle, affectionate and playful dogs. They tend to get along with all dogs, no matter the size, and even play well with cats. They make good family pets.

Saint Bermastiff dogs grow very large, up to 2 feet, 6 inches at the shoulder and as heavy as 200 pounds. This is because both Saint Bernards and mastiffs are very large dogs. They are classified as working dogs and are not considered purebred but rather hybrid. Their fur is straight, silky and short, and it typically bears the coloring of either the Saint Bernard or the mastiff: black, brown and white or light brown to golden. Some Saint Bermastiffs have white "socks" on their feet. They all have floppy ears.

Saint Bermastiffs make good watch dogs, largely due to their size. Though they are not aggressive, they do bark if necessary, and their barks are very deep and loud. Saint Bermastiffs have a tendency to drool. They are very strong dogs. Though short, their fur is very thick, so they prefer cooler temperatures.

Saint Bermastiffs are intelligent dogs, though they can take a while to mature, which is characteristic of their Saint Bernard side. They are people pleasers, so training should be based on rewards and positive reinforcement. They tend toward laziness if left indoors, so they need regular outdoor exercise.