What Are Some of the Characteristics of Long-Haired Persian Kittens?


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Long-haired Persian kittens are known for their unique, flowing coats that require daily grooming, as well as for their gentle personalities and easy-going dispositions. Persian kittens are a quiet breed that doesn't vocalize often, and they prefer lounging to more athletic activities. Other characteristics include big, round eyes, medium body size and a round head.

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What Are Some of the Characteristics of Long-Haired Persian Kittens?
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Persian cats are the most popular pedigreed cat breed in North America, and they are well-known for their mellow temperaments. Owners often find in them friendly companions, but also see them as home ornaments due to their exceptional beauty. Persian kittens and cats are friendly and affectionate to family members, but they are less trusting of guests they are not familiar with.

Persians prefer a quiet habitat to a loud one, and they fare better in a serene and stable environment. They enjoy their owners' company but don't mind spending some time alone, as long as they are in a familiar territory. In fact, if their owners go on a trip, Persians generally prefer staying home with a pet sitter rather than moving to an unfamiliar place.

Their unique coats give Persians an elegant and dignified appearance, but also require daily grooming in order to remove mats and tangles. Persian cats and kittens are high-maintenance, and in addition to daily combing owners should be prepared to bathe their pets weekly.

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