What Are Some Characteristics of a Japanese Cat?


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The most obvious physical characteristic of the Japanese Bobtail cat breed is the very short tail, which can be curved, angled or kinked, but cannot exceed 3 inches in length. This breed of cat can have either a short coat or be semi-long haired. Its hind legs are slightly longer than its front legs.

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The facial characteristics include high cheekbones and slanted eyes that give the breed an oriental appearance. The Japanese Bobtail may be a solid color, calico or bi-colored. The breed is considered a medium-sized cat, with a weight range from around 6 pounds for females to 8 pounds for males. The breed does not require a lot of grooming and sheds very little.

The Japanese Bobtail is very social and will happily interact with the family. Because they are so sociable, it is best to provide them with a companion. Since they have been known to get into trouble when they are bored, a pet companion can help to prevent boredom. This breed of cat is very playful and unafraid of noise or commotion, which makes it ideal for a home with young children. If a family is looking for an agile, affectionate, low maintenance and playful cat, the Japanese Bobtail will meet all those requirements.

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