What Are Some Characteristics of Havapoo Puppies?

What Are Some Characteristics of Havapoo Puppies?

Havapoos are friendly, outgoing, playful, intelligent and affectionate. Well-suited to family life, the Havapoo is a designer dog breed that mixes the traits of the miniature poodle and the Havanese. Some breeders refer to the dogs as Poovaneses.

The Havapoo is usually easy to train, since it is very smart. The dog tends to do well when using positive reinforcement training techniques. Because of the dog’s superior intellect, the Havapoo often makes a great obedience trail or agility dog.

The Havapoo is a small dog, since both of its parents are toy dogs, making it a good choice for apartment dwellers. The dog usually ranges from 9 to 12 inches in height and may reach a weight of 7 to 15 pounds.

The Havapoo’s coat can be wavy or curly and does not shed, so it requires some maintenance. Combing and brushing the dog’s coat weekly removes dead hair and helps the coat stay healthy and shiny. Clipping or trimming the dog’s fur twice a year and shampooing it monthly are also necessary.

Because it is smart, playful and friendly, the Havapoo gets along with other dogs and children. The dog has a moderate energy level and enjoys remaining active.