What Are Some Characteristics of Gyspy Vanner Horses?


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Gypsy Vanner horses have a height between 13 and 15.2 hands as adults, are a stocky and muscular breed, have heavy hair in some places and come in a variety of colors. The official Gypsy Vanner registry was formed in 1996.

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What Are Some Characteristics of Gyspy Vanner Horses?
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Vanners are known for the ample hair on their legs, tail and mane. Their legs feature feathered hair starting at the knees that covers their hooves completely, and a double mane is commonly found in the breed, though it is not a breed standard. The breed standard favors straight, smooth hair, though some curl is permitted. Overly coarse or kinky hair is generally labelled a fault in the breed.

The breed has a large barrel-shaped chest with a long, flexible back and a muscular neck. These horses are suitable for both riding and driving purposes, which comes from the breed's origins with Gypsies in Great Britain who aimed to create a good breed for driving caravans.

Vanners are a gentle breed that is kind and friendly towards humans. Although very athletic, they have a docile temperament and prefer environments with little stress. They are social, intelligent horses that take instruction well and are generally easy for handlers to control.

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