What Are Some Characteristics of a Great Dane and Bullmastiff Mix?

Great Danes and Bull Mastiffs are both part of the Mastiff family of dogs, and they already share many of the same general characteristics. A Great Dane/Bull Mastiff mix should be an extremely loyal family dog, but it is also likely to be stubborn and require dedicated training. This type of cross is likely to have a life span of around 8 to 10 years.

As with any breed, there are pros and cons that must be carefully weighed before making the decision to adopt a Great Dane/Bull Mastiff mix. Dogs within the Mastiff family are often referred to as gentle giants.They develop extremely strong and loyal bonds with their families. Despite their large size, they tend to be excellent with children, especially when raised with them.

Because of their dog's large size and often stubborn personalities, owners need to be dedicated to providing consistent training. Both of the breeds used for this cross tend to be territorial and can at times be aggressive with other dogs.

This crossbreed has a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years on average, but diet and exercise has a significant impact. Additionally, due to poor breeding practices among these types of dog, there is an increased risk of hip and joint problems later in life.