What Are Some of the Characteristics of Grasshoppers?

characteristics-grasshoppers Credit: Dethan Punalur/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Grasshoppers have a wide variety of characteristics including big hind legs for jumping, short antennae and conspicuous eyes. Grasshoppers also have a pair of appendages at the end of their abdomen and two pairs of wings.

To dig in the sand and when laying eggs, the male grasshopper has a single unpaired plate at the end of each abdomen, while the female has two pairs of triangle-shaped valves. When the grasshopper is very young, it does not have any wings, but later on in life, the wings can easily be seen at the end of the thorax.

All grasshoppers like a variety of plants and they often fall prey to birds, praying mantis, rodents and even spiders when they get caught in webs. When grasshoppers occur in larger numbers, they can cause serious damage to crops and cause a loss of plants for animals in pastures.

Grasshoppers are most plentiful in the spring and summer when the weather is beginning to get warm. They can also be found during the fall. The best time to locate grasshoppers is during the middle of the day when they are feeding, but they can be located at night by using a flashlight..