What Are Some Characteristics of a Grand Pyrenees?


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The Great Pyrenees has a temperament suitable for protecting humans and other animals. They stand guard regardless of landscape and weather conditions because their coats are thick and resistant to weather.

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The Great Pyrenees is a highly intelligent animal that is gentle with children. While it is a headstrong and independent breed, these dogs also possess patience and composure. Their large size makes them an intimidating protector, but they may stray too far from a perimeter if there is no enclosure. The dog may be strong-willed, but aggression in the breed is rare. This dog is suspicious of strangers, but it becomes accustomed to new people over time. The great Pyrenees is a nocturnal canine that barks at night, but training can prevent this behavior.

The coats of Great Pyrenees need to be brushed one or two times a month. This dog enjoys being around snow and frigid conditions. They have a double-layered coat, with the outer layer containing thick hair and the undercoat having a woolly feel. There are greater concentrations of fur around the neck area, giving the dog a mane-like appearance that is meant for protection against wolves. The mane is more prominent on males. The coat is predominately white but sometimes includes differing shades of red, tan or grey. The coat has a feathery effect on the front legs, and the longer hairs give the tail a plume-like appearance.

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