What Are Some Characteristics of Golden Retrievers?


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Golden Retrievers are well known for being kind, intelligent, friendly toward both humans and other animals, and great athletes that are extremely easy to train. They are also well known for their long, silky, golden fur. They are playful and quick to forgive their masters' faults. They are well-loved pets and one of the most popular breeds, as they are great with children and strangers.

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Golden Retrievers possess all of the positive characteristics listed above, but they also possess a few undesirable qualities. These characteristics include heavy shedding, excessive chewing and jumping (especially when they are young), and numerous long-term health issues, such as cancer and joint problems.

Golden Retrievers also require ample exercise and attention because they love both people and vigorous activity. The best situation for a Golden Retriever is for them to get two brisk walks and a game of fetch every day. They also prefer to be with people constantly, which means that they aren't nearly as happy if their owner is gone most of the time.

Many of the negative traits of Golden Retrievers can be avoided by choosing a good breeder. Proper research on the lineage of a Golden Retriever allows for a healthier, friendlier and more easily trained dog.

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