What Are Some Characteristics of French Bulldogs?


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Characteristics of French bulldogs include their small size, compact bodies, squashed-in faces and bat ears. This dog has a sprightly and curious look about it.

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What Are Some Characteristics of French Bulldogs?
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The French bulldog has a large, square head that is half-flat and half-domed. It has dark, wide-set eyes set low in its skull. The white of its eyes should not be seen when the dog is looking ahead. Light-colored dogs are allowed to have lighter colored eyes, according to the American Kennel Club's standards. The nose of the French bulldog is black. Again, lighter colored dogs are allowed a lighter nose, though this isn't ideal.

The dog has solid bones, a thick neck, a roach back and a deep chest. The tail is straight or screwed, but not curly and carried low when the dog is relaxed. Its front legs are short and set wide apart, and are shorter than the hind legs. The feet of both the front and back legs are medium-sized, with high knuckles and short nails.

The French bulldog's coat is short, fine and smooth, and the skin at the head and shoulders is wrinkly. If the dog is to be shown, acceptable colors are all kinds of brindle, white and fawn. Other solid colors, such as black, black and tan, black and white, mouse or liver, are not allowed.

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