What Are Characteristics of a Fox?

Foxes are medium-sized mammals that belong to the same family as dogs. They are known for their pointed ears, long snouts and bushy tails. Foxes are omnivores, feeding on both meat and plants. There are 12 different species of foxes, and they are found all over the world, from Africa to the Arctic region.

The largest and best-known species of fox is the red fox, which has a red-brown coat, a thick tail and pointed ears. Red foxes live all over the world, including North America, Asia, Europe and the northern portion of Africa. They are known for being intelligent, and their diet mainly consists of small rodents, birds and rabbits. They also eat some fruits and vegetables, along with fish. Red foxes weigh between 6.5 and 24 pounds and are about 18 to 33.75 inches long, not including their tails.

Another well-known species of fox is the arctic fox, which is named for the region in which it lives. Arctic foxes have white coats and thick layers of fat under their skin to keep them warm. They often feed on carcasses left behind by polar bears and other large predators. Other fox species include the gray fox, which is common in South America, the bat-eared fox, which can be found in Africa, and the fennec fox, a small, tan species found in Asia.