What Are Some Characteristics of a European Doberman?


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A European Doberman is a Doberman Pinscher that is the offspring of a parent that holds a Schutzhund title. A Schultzhund title is awarded to certain types of full-bred dogs that show superlative senses of smell, trainability, intelligence, perseverance, courage, a strong desire to work, a protective instinct and a strong bond with their handlers. European Dobermans train vigorously before entering Schultzhund shows hosted by the United Doberman Club.

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What Are Some Characteristics of a European Doberman?
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Doberman Pinschers were originally bred in Germany during the late 19th century as family protection dogs. As of 2014, the European Pinscher continues to be bred to preserve the traits that make the dogs accessible only to their owners, handlers and families. These dogs are expected to be obedient under all circumstances and to become highly aggressive when threats to their owners, handlers or families arise.

However, the Schultzhund title exists to discourage European Doberman owners to train their dogs to be mindless, vicious attack dogs. Schultzhund training and certification ensure that the dogs are trained to remain situated between their handlers and a threat, not leaving their handlers until they are instructed to defend their handlers from a human, dog or other type of attack, in which case they fight until commanded to stop.

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