What Are Some Characteristics of an English Giant Rabbit?


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The British Giant Rabbit weighs 12 to 15 pounds at maturity and has a long body with a broad back, full cheeks and long, erect ears. The rabbits have smooth, medium-length coats that are white, black, opal, blue or steel gray in color and require regular grooming to prevent matting.

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The British Giant Rabbit developed from the Flemish Giant in the 1940s. The British only recognize the Flemish Giant with steel gray coloring, and people bred the British Giant for more variety in coloring. British Giant Rabbits are smaller than European Flemish Giants but have several of the same characteristics.

The British Giant Rabbit has a docile temperament, making it a good pet for children. It can live with other household pets if introduced to them at an early age. This breed is not as active as other rabbits, and it enjoys human interaction. It is not usually aggressive, but may cause injury to its handler if it kicks out.

Health concerns include sore feet, a sore back, dental problems and obesity. A rabbit develops sore feet or a sore back because of its size. An obese rabbit may develop flystrike when it cannot groom itself. Flies lay eggs on the dirty areas of the rabbit's skin and cause sores. Feeding the rabbit high-quality hay and green vegetables allows him to gnaw and properly wear down his teeth, preventing enamel spurs and overgrown molars.

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