What Are Some Characteristics of a Corgi/retriever Mix?

The corgi-Labrador mixed breed, also known as a corgidor, is a very active dog that was bred for the purpose of herding cattle. It was produced by breeding a corgi and a Labrador retriever. Since it is a mixed breed, the resulting characteristics will vary with each dog, but some traits are more likely than others.

Corgidors were bred for the shepherding qualities of the corgi and the size and good disposition of the Labrador. Corgidors tend to have good dispositions and are very easy to train. In addition to being good shepherding dogs, they make happy, lovable companions. They are a good choice as a family dog. These dogs tend to develop strong attachments to family members and are good with children as well. They do not anger easily, but they can be protective if they feel that a family member is in danger.

If corgidors inherit traits from the Labrador retriever, they are excellent swimmers and enjoy chasing and retrieving objects of all kinds. They are very energetic and love to play for long periods of time. The corgidor coat is easy to maintain because it is of medium length with little grooming required, but they should be brushed weekly because of excessive shedding.