What Are the Characteristics of a Corgi and Jack Russell Mix?

Mixing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Jack Russell terrier produces an energetic breed of dog called a “Cojack.” Cojacks are known for being lively dogs with a high level of intelligence and penchant for displaying loyalty and affection toward their owners. Cojacks belong to the herding and terrier dog classes, but because they are hybrids, they are not recognized by any kennel club as of August 2014.

Cojacks come in a number of different colors and pattern mixes, including white, black and tan, and black and red. They have short, coarse hair that sheds minimally and requires little to no grooming or daily brushing. On average, cojacks have an average height of 11.5 inches and weigh between 18 and 27 pounds. Their small size makes them an ideal pet for apartment living. However, because of their high energy levels, which is most likely the result of their Jack Russell pedigree, cojacks need to be exercised regularly. This breed of dog is also very apt at agility training and is a good option for competing in athletic events such as Frisbee or flyball. Cojacks have an average lifespan of approximately 14 years, which is longer than many other breeds in comparison.