What Are the Characteristics of a Collie-German Shepherd Mix?

A Collie-German Shepherd mix, also known as a Shollie, is commonly known for being very playful and affectionate. Collies are natural herding dogs and tend to herd children or other smaller animals at a young age. German Shepherds are bred for tracking, obedience and military purposes.

A few common characteristics are:

  • Life Expectancy: Shollies can live for 12-15 years.
  • Weight: They usually weigh between 70-80 pounds. This may vary, with some dogs being smaller or larger in size. The weight difference is normal, since few dogs are a pure 50/50 mix of the two breeds.
  • Exercise needs: This type of dog requires a lot of exercise.
  • Grooming: Full fur coats mean Shollies need to be frequently groomed.
  • Ability to train: They are very intelligent and trainable. Enrolling them in an obedience training class is an effective way to teach them quickly.

Shollies are very family-friendly, when accustomed to a social environment. When considering adding a Shollie to the family, look into pet adoption. Many dogs of this breed are waiting for a home at pet rescue centers across the nation.