What Are Some Characteristics of a Cocker Spaniel/pug Mix?

The cocker pug is a hybrid dog breed that commonly displays both breeds' attributes, such as a pug's squished face and a cocker spaniel's long fur. Cocker pugs are typically family-friendly dogs.

Cocker spaniel/pug hybrid dogs are commonly referred to as cocker pugs. They typically grow somewhere between the average size of a pug and the average size of a cocker spaniel, and they weigh 20 to 35 pounds. They have longer front legs than pugs. Cocker spaniel/pug hybrids have eyes that protrude slightly but less so than in a pug, which is advantageous because they are at less risk of developing eye problems.

The color of their fur is commonly black, brown, red or silver. They can have a longer coat of fur like a cocker spaniel or a short coat of fur like a pug depending on their genetics.

Cocker spaniel/pug hybrids have a facial structure similar to that of a pug's but slightly longer. This is an advantage, as they are less likely to suffer from brachycephalic airway syndrome, a breathing problem displayed in many short-nosed, flat-faced dog breeds.

This breed of dog is known to have a friendly and energetic disposition. Highly intelligent and easily trained, they are typically bred as companion dogs.