What Are the Characteristics of a Charcoal Labrador?


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Labradors are loving, loyal, devoted to their owners and renowned for their patience with kids. They are also easy to train and get along well with other dogs. A Lab may bark when someone approaches but is not considered a guard dog. Labs thrive in a wide range of living conditions, from urban apartments to rural acreages. They need daily exercise, preferably involving a dip in a pool or pond.

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The color of a Labrador Retriever's coat is generally yellow, black or chocolate. Some breeders also offer silver- and charcoal-colored Labs. The breed typically grows to a height of 21 to 24 inches (at the shoulders) and a weight of 55 to 75 pounds. However, some males are 100 pounds or heavier. The short, water-resistant, double coat of a Lab requires weekly brushing and occasional bathing.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever tops the list of America's favorite dogs. It is an intelligent and friendly breed with an affectionate nature. A Lab's gentleness with children make it an ideal family dog. In addition to serving as a human companion, the Labrador is a prized hunting dog. It also sniffs out narcotics, aids search-and-rescue efforts and guides blind owners.

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