What Are Some Characteristics of the Brown Goldendoodle?

Brown goldendoodles, sometimes known as chocolate goldendoodles, carry at least two dominant brown genes. Brown goldendoodles always have green eyes, a brown nose and brown paws. Otherwise, the characteristics of brown goldendoodles are the same as those of the goldendoodles with other coat colors.

A goldendoodle is a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever. In addition to brown, their coats can be cream, apricot, red, silver, gold-tinged silver, black or white.

The goldendoodle coat can be smooth, curly or shaggy. During the first generation, when a poodle is bred to a golden retriever, the shaggy coat always results. The curly coat typically occurs when a goldendoodle is bred to a poodle, though it can occur with two goldendoodle parents. The smooth coat comes from two goldendoodles or a goldendoodle sire breeding with a golden retriever. Whatever the coat texture, goldendoodles shed very little.

Because goldendoodles are hybrids, other physical characteristics also differ. Shaggy or curly coated dogs feature a beard, whereas the smooth-coated varieties grow a mustache. Some goldendoodles have thick, low-hanging ears, which can make them prone to ear issues. However, others have shorter, flipped-back ears, so they do not suffer from the same problems.

In temperament, goldendoodles favor either golden retrievers or poodles, depending on which genes are more dominant. Those that favor golden retrievers easily accept strangers and other pets. Poodle-dominant goldendoodles are less accepting of people and other pets and may not be suitable for young children.