What Are Some Characteristics of Bluetick Coonhound Puppies?


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Some characteristics of bluetick coonhound puppies are floppy ears, mottled coats, and a predisposition towards chasing and hunting. This breed is named after its distinctive fur, which is covered in tiny gray fleck-like markings.

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Bluetick coonhounds are a breed of domesticated dog originally developed for hunting game in the American South. Like other Southern coonhounds, they are derived from the English foxhound, with which they share many characteristics. Among these are floppy ears, a rangy build and a loud, baying bark. Like most hounds, they also have very sensitive noses and long snouts covered in loose skin.

The key characteristic of the bluetick, however, is its coat. All purebred blueticks have mottled gray and white fur. The tiny gray spots are contrasted with larger black spots on the head, back and sides. Some bluetick puppies also have tan markings, but they always have mottled fur regardless of the color of their other spots.

Bluetick puppies are born to hunt. They are gentle and obedient towards people, but they can be aggressive towards small animals, perceiving them as prey. Bluetick puppies tend to get along with other dogs, as they were bred to hunt in groups, but other pets in the household may be in danger of being chased and bit. They enjoy running after scents and require long walks and yards with high fences to accommodate their need to roam.

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