What Are Some Characteristics of Baby Siberian Huskies?

Siberian husky puppies are intelligent, energetic and playful. They love to jump and run. Siberian husky pups may be destructive if not given adequate outlets for their intense exercise requirements. Young husky pups need firm and consistent training to become socialized and to learn expected behaviors.

Siberian huskies like companionship and are gentle with people, including children. A puppy may be too rough with a baby or toddler due to the extreme energy level of the pup. Independent in nature, both puppies and grown huskies are curious and tend to wander. It is important to have a fence or dog fence system to keep a husky from getting lost or hurt. Siberian huskies are sociable around other dogs. They have a strong chase instinct and may hurt cats, rabbits or other small animals. Husky pups are sometimes difficult to house train. Housebreaking should begin as soon as the puppy arrives home by taking the pup outside at least six times daily and after every meal, suggests Dog Breed Info Center.

Originally from Siberia and bred as a sled dog, a Siberian husky pup has a thick coat of fur, with a dense undercoat. Siberian huskies don't bark, but may howl if lonely or bored.