What Are the Character Traits for a Pit Bull/husky Mix?

Also known as a Pitsky, the American pitbull terrier and Siberian husky mix dogs make excellent family pets, are affectionate with children and possess strong guarding instincts, according to Dog Breed Plus. They have strong chasing instincts and are easy to train, and when socialized, they interact well with other pets.

Like their husky relatives, pitskies need plenty of exercise in order to behave calmly and appropriately indoors. Dog Breed Plus recommends that they have a daily run or jog in addition to the standard walks in order to burn off their surplus energy and prevent any problems with aggression or other behavioral issues before they start. Their strong predatory instincts can be curbed by early and consistent socialization so as not to chase family cats or small children, but Dog Breed Plus also cautions against allowing children to tease a pitsky while it is eating or leaving one unsupervised in the company of unfamiliar children. Pitskies are cheerful, affectionate and eager to please, resulting in a dog that responds well to firm training and leadership. Dog Breed Info Center warns that not all pitskies are crossbred from two purebred dogs but may be the product of multi-generation crosses, with the resulting animal inheriting any combination of temperaments.