How Do You Change Your Address on Your Dog's Avid Microchip?


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Pet owners may change their address on their dog's Avid microchip by calling the PETtrac toll number provided by Avid Identification System Inc. and requesting to update the information in the PETtrac pet recovery network. An Avid pet specialist performs and processes the updated information per the owner's request. The owner must provide the member number dispensed by the veterinarian or the shelter after the microchip injection.

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Another way to change your address on your dog's Avid microchip is by downloading and filling in the PETtrac Update form on Avid's official website. To find and download the form, navigate to Avid's homepage, and click PETtrac on the top menu. Click PETtrac forms on the left sidebar, and click PETtrac Update Enrollment Form. Fill in the form by providing the required information, including the chip number, member number and information about the owner, pet and veterinarian. If you do not know your member number, try calling Avid's hotline and request the information. Mail or fax the form to the address or number provided on the form.

A microchip carries a unique identification number linked to the pet owner's primary and alternate contact information. It uses an RFID that does not require a power source. When a pet with a microchip is lost and taken to a shelter or a rescue facility, a veterinarian or a rescue person can scan the pet to retrieve the unique ID and call the PETtrac pet recovery network to locate the owner of the pet.

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