Why Is Cephalexin Given to Dogs?


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Cephalexin is a broad-range antibiotic used to treat many types of infections in dogs, such as urinary tract, skin and respiratory infections, says PetCareRx. The site notes that cephalexin is popular because of its minimal side effects and ability to treat a wide range of infections. Cephalexin is the generic drug form of the drug Keflex

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Cephalexin is available as a pill, liquid or capsule, says the Daily Puppy. For best results, the site recommends giving cephalexin along with a meal though PetCareRx notes it is possible to give the drug without food.

Cephalexin is the canine equivalent of penicillin, says the Daily Puppy, and cephalexin should never be given to dogs who are allergic to penicillin. Typical side effects of cephalexin include vomiting, drooling, diarrhea and rapid breathing, according to the Daily Puppy. The site warns owners to look out for signs of an allergic reaction, such as scratching, swelling, shock and seizures.

The Daily Puppy explains that veterinarians usually prescribe cephalexin based on a dog's body weight. The typical dosage is 10 mg of cephalexin for each 10 pounds of weight. Since each dosage is calculated to weight, owners should never give their dogs two doses at once, or they risk an overdose.

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