What Are Some Causes of Seizures in Dogs?


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There are many different reasons why dogs have seizures, including eating poison, blood sugar issues, electrolyte issues, kidney or liver disease, head injuries and anemia, according to WebMD. Seizures in dogs can also be caused by encephalitis, strokes or even brain cancer, reports WebMD.

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If a dog is having a seizure, it will typically exhibit symptoms such as jerking or twitching its muscles, chewing, drooling or foaming around the mouth. The dog may also have difficulty staying conscious and may make odd running motions after falling down, according to WebMD. Dogs with seizures often have a condition such as epilepsy, idiopathic epilepsy or symptomatic epilepsy, according to PetMD. Dogs who have had a seizure should be examined by a veterinarian.

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