What Causes Scabs Under a Cat’s Chin?

Feline acne causes scabs to appear under a cat’s chin. Veterinarian Lowell Ackerman explains that this condition develops when debris blocks the skin pores under the cat’s chin, reports PawNation. Unless treated, the pores swell, become infected and rupture, leaving scabs, lesions and areas of hair loss.

The cause of feline acne is uncertain, states veterinarian Janet Tobiassen Crosby for About.com, but contributing factors include stress, poor grooming, depressed immune system and concurrent disease or infection. Bacteria clinging to the cat’s food bowls appear to be a major culprit in the development of the condition. A veterinarian can make the diagnosis by ruling out other conditions, such as infections or mite and flea infestations.

Treatment of feline acne involves applying compresses once or twice a day to the affected area, according to PawNation. Acne pads work for this purpose as do warm compresses sprinkled with Epsom salts or dipped in benzoyl peroxide solutions. Gently combing the affected area daily with a flea comb removes dried scabs. Application of vitamin A ointments prescribed by a veterinarian repair damaged skin cells. For more severe cases of feline acne, a veterinarian may prescribe topical, oral or injected antibiotics to treat infection; prescription-strength cleansers; and/or corticosteroid injections to relieve inflammation, notes Crosby.