What causes roaches?


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Factors that can lead to an infestation of roaches include an untidy house, having a hot or humid house and living in an apartment. Roaches tend to thrive in areas of the United States that are hot and humid, such as Florida.

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Just because someone lives in an apartment doesn't mean that roaches are inevitable. However, a roach infestation is much more common in multi-family buildings, even in the apartment units that are kept clean. This is because it only takes one dirty apartment unit to attract roaches for the whole building. It should be noted that the older the apartment structure, the easier it is for roaches to make their way between apartment units. Apartments that are constructed mostly of wood can attract roaches as well, since the insects feed on rotting wood.

Roaches are insects that have been built to survive. As such, they are able to eat just about anything. This includes objects that are inorganic, such as fabric from clothing. Roaches are often attracted to old boxes stored in closets.

The best way to keep roaches at bay is to keep a home tidy. Leaving food or water out attracts roaches that are on the hunt for food. Homeowners and tenants should keep their counters clean and their floors vacuumed and swept to keep roaches away.

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