What Causes Frequent Vomiting in Dogs?


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Causes of frequent vomiting in dogs include eating too fast, overeating, acute kidney failure, heat stroke and bacterial infection of the intestines. Additionally, swelling of the gall bladder, intestinal parasites, diet changes and bloating can cause consistent vomiting in dogs. Eating foreign bodies, such as toys, and consuming toxic substances can also cause dogs to vomit, according to WebMD.

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Frequent vomiting that persists for more than a day requires immediate veterinarian assistance. Sporadic and persistent vomiting indicates underlying conditions such as parvovirus, intestinal obstruction, intestinal obstruction, cancer and colitis. Observe the dog for other symptoms such as dehydration, diarrhea, lethargy, presence of blood in vomit and loss of appetite to help a veterinarian make a conclusive diagnosis, states WebMD.

Diagnostic tests to ascertain the cause of frequent vomiting in dogs include endoscopy, blood tests, radiographs, ultra sound exploratory surgery. Treatment options for frequently vomiting dogs include fluid therapy, change of diet, antibiotics and antiemetics, says WebMD.

Contents of dog vomit include food in predigested form, bile and slimy mucus. Regurgitation is the expulsion of food contents present in the esophagus, while vomiting ejects food contents in the stomach. Granules in dog vomit indicate the presence of blood. Fresh blood in dog vomit indicates ulcers or cancer, according to PetMD.

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